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Endurance sport is not just about numbers, the final time does not always tell the complete story. It is a combination of physical training, mental fortitude, psychological focus and most importantly a passion for what you do. My goal is to bring all those components together to make your swimming, cycling and running experience more than just a number.

Tereza Macel

Tereza Macel is a 5 time Iron distance champion, Canadian national Olympic distance champion, multi-sport and swim coach, speaker, as well as a mother of two.

Starting in sport as a competitive swimmer, Tereza was introduced to the sport of triathlon while at university. Although her swimming and biking were sound, run injuries inspired Tereza to find ways to work through setbacks, focus on her running form, analyze her training and search out ways to become a more complete athlete.

Tereza's racing career includes podium finishes at ITU Olympic distance races around the world, winning Ironman Korea, Lake Placid, Brazil, Canada and Embrunman Iron distance race, a swim record of 48 minutes at Ironman Western Australia, a personal best Ironman time of 9 hours and 7 minutes, as well as a 4th place finish at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.

Realizing that is more to life than just sport Tereza retired at the end of 2010 and is now taking on new challenges. Balancing a family with a career in coaching is proving to be as challenging as her athletic career and gives her a valuable perspective on the type of balance her athletes need.


There are many benefits to working with a coach, here are a few ways working with Tereza can help you.

If you are new to endurance sports

A coach can lead you through equipment selection, daily training, race preparation and a race strategy plan. A coach's guidance will help you avoid making common mistakes ensuring you arrive at the starting line excited and prepared.

If you have some experience and are looking for improvement

Analysis of previous results, strengths and weaknesses can help Tereza create a personalized road map to improvement. Setting attainable goals, and providing fun yet challenging workouts through new training techniques are some of the ways that can be achieved.

Very experienced, and plateaued

A coach can motivate you to step out of your comfort zone, bringing a fresh perspective and insight into your training and racing. Whether you are a World Championship veteran or looking to qualify for your first championship, a coach can help you pinpoint where improvements can be made.


Two athletes with the same finishing time but two very different race experiences. A race is not just a number, it is a process that starts the first time you head out to train, and ends when your greatest aspiration has come true. The story of how your race unfolds is up to you, and how you prepare for it.


James – Naturally talented but does not train a lot

Swim Is a very strong swimmer 56 minutes
Bike Forgot to bring enough nutrition and went too fast 5 hours 02 minutes
Run Had to walk a lot 5 hours 35 minutes
Transitions Very slow, had to go to medical tent due to dehydration 38 minutes
Final Time   12 hours 11 minutes

James really suffered through this race, and finished feeling beaten, and disappointed. His goal had been to go sub 11 hours.


Rebecca – First Ironman, very diligent and hard working

Swim Not fast, but a steady swimmer 1 hour 28 minutes
Bike Paced well, good nutrition 6 hours
Run Strong runner, felt very positive 4 hours 31 minutes
Transitions Smooth, and practiced 12 minutes
Final Time   12 hours 11 minutes

Rebecca had her “dream” race. Her goal had been to go sub 13.5 hours.

Some of the types of Athletes I have coached

Just starting out

Melanie, 31

Melanie does not call herself an athlete, but would like to complete her first triathlon this season. She has very little athletic experience, and is a little bit intimidated by her goal.

Mature but new to the Sport

Georgia, 65

A female athlete that found the sport of triathlon later in life Gerogia has spent years working up to the goal of completing and Ironman race. In the perfect race her ideal finishing time does not leave her much buffer from the 17 hour cut off time. But with perseverance and focus she can surpass her own expectations.

Young and inexperienced

Graham, 23

Young and strong Graham has lots going for him except experience. Opting to skip over typical triathlon racing lead up he wants to complete a daunting task of an ironman in his first year of racing. Control, focus and pacing in all aspects of training and racing is what Graham requires take him to his goal.

Natural Talent

James, 35

A talented athlete in his younger years James has taken up triathlon to challenge himself and regain some of the fitness of his youth. While his past successes have given him confidence James must learn how to combine three different disciplines and what his body can handle now with all the complications that a booming career and family can bring to the equation.

Swimmer in the making

John, 53

John has decided to take on a new challenge, and although he is comfortable cycling and running, he can barely swim two lengths of the pool. His goal is to bring his swimming to a level that allows him to compete in a triathlon.

Marathon Man

Paul, 40

Paul has started running more seriously in the past few years, He has completed one marathon, and knows he can go faster, but is not sure how to go about it. He is driven and motivated, but does not always direct his energy to where it is most beneficial.


Personal 1 on 1 triathlon (Or single sport) coaching

Swim Technique Session

Bike handling skills

A choice of 1 or 2 hour workout accompanied by Tereza Focus on cornering, descending and gear selection, braking and riding in aerobars.
Safe handling in race situations


A one hour meeting for athletes who are not looking for full time coaching but would like specific guidance towards their goals. Choice of topics such as how to personalize your current plan, race strategy, goal setting or how to adapt your training after a setback, and a discussion of your personal situation can help us create an action plan of what you need to move forward.


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